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We often get asked by our candidates to help them with their resumes.  In working with our candidates,  there are several common mistakes that we see.  These mistakes are being made across the board with all levels of candidates.

Resume Mistakes

Resume Mistakes

  • Typos / Grammatical Mistakes  – I am always amazed at how many times there will be misspellings and grammatical mistakes in the first few lines of a resume.  Even for our audience, which is looking for technical skills, these mistakes will knock a candidate out of consideration.  Our clients’ comments are typically that this is someone that doesn’t have the necessary attention to detail. Make sure to not solely rely on the spell checker in your word processing program; oftentimes, words may be correctly spelled but used improperly (their vs. there, wood vs. would).  Even though we now have the ability to put resumes online instantly, take the time to proof it multiple times and ask others to proof it as well.   If you proof it alone, your eyes will miss mistakes that others won’t.
  • Inconsistent Tense – A very common mistake that we see in resumes is the mixing of past and present tense throughout a resume.  Information currently being done in a job is something that is listed in present tense but if you did it in your last job, it should be in past tense.  A large majority of resumes that we see mix this up throughout their resume.
  • Harmful Objectives – Resume Objectives never help and often hurt. Not only do they feel outdated at this point, but they’re all about what you want, rather than what the employer wants, which is what this stage of the hiring process is all about. Additionally, many list an objective that is different than the job they are interested in.  Having your object as wanting to become a leading Business Analyst with an e-commerce retail company is not going to help you secure the Software Development position you are applying for with a Pharmaceutical firm.  Your resume should be focused on your experience, skills and accomplishments. It’s not the place to talk about what you’re seeking in your next job.
  • Focus on Duties vs. Focus on Accomplishments – Most candidates describe fairly mundane duties they held at each job.  There is nothing wrong with this but if you want to stand out, rewrite your resume to focus on specific accomplishments that you achieved.  This will make your resume stand out and help you get noticed.
  • Length – Shorter is better.  An overly long resume is often looked at as indicative of someone that can’t edit and who doesn’t know what information is important.  There is no exact rule but ideally a resume would not be longer than two pages.  (And even shorter for a recent graduate)

Even though out audience is hiring candidates for technical roles such as software developers, release engineers, project managers, and systems administrators, these resume mistakes can be detrimental to an applicant.  I can only assume that these mistakes prove even more costly when looking at roles in marketing, advertising, sales, etc.  If you have any specific questions, please feel free to reach out to me at

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