Direct Placement

Targeted Talent… Delivered Quickly

Exclusively focused on marketing, sales, and technology recruiting, we spend every day speaking with the top professionals in these fields. We get to know people: what they work on, whom they work with, whether they are satisfied with one or both. That gives us unprecedented visibility into the dynamics of the labor force in the Bay Area.

Connect with Talent More Quickly

When a client need arises for Marketing & Creative, Sales, IT or Accounting & Finance, KCM Solutions doesn’t necessarily search for talent; we already know the talent. We can facilitate faster connections to the market’s most-qualified professionals, including those not actively seeking new opportunities. Our recruiting efforts and methodology help us yield the top 5% of working candidates that aren’t responding to job postings. In a highly competitive job market, our candidate pipeline offers significant advantage.

Beyond Skill Match

KCM Solutions focuses on cultural fit and performance potential as much as technical ability. This approach allows us to source candidates who can blend seamlessly into your workplace. Every candidate we present is thoroughly screened and pre-qualified. Professional experience and skill are fully vetted. When appropriate, KCM Solutions conducts additional candidate screenings that may include client-specific technical tests, evaluations and interviews with KCM Solutions technology experts.

Low-Risk Recruiting

Our placement fee is contingent upon a successful hire. A wrong hire is both costly and time-consuming for you, for us and for our candidate. When you are ready to add to your full-time staff, KCM Solutions can ensure you find qualified talent more quickly and efficiently. The results?

  • Quicker return to full productivity
  • Lower recruiting costs
  • Less distraction
  • Higher performance
  • Improved satisfaction

We always put your needs first. Contact us today to learn how.

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