Technology Recruiting

The Premier Recruiting Source for Technology Clients in the Bay Area

If all it took to do a good job of recruiting was finding a close skill match, you wouldn’t need:

  • Talent specialists who worked with technology companies before they came to KCM Solutions
  • The expertise of professionals who understand that Hadoop, Cassandra and Solr are not the names of American Idol hopefuls
  • Recommendations based on more than just keyword matching but actually on people matching

At KCM Solutions, we take a personalized and disciplined approach to staffing for our clients. We don’t live and breathe by the numbers… whether it’s the number of resumes, number of candidates, number of hires or number of invoices. We still remember that this is a people business. Our business is built on relationships, and we are passionate about client service and candidate care. Every placement we make represents a candidate’s livelihood and a client’s success. Explore our staffing solutions and how our expertise can be applied to support your needs for outstanding talent in marketing, sales, technology.

We always put your needs first. Contact us today to learn how.

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