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Important to Build A Long Lasting Relationship With Your Recruiter

I bought a car about a year ago and realized the other day that I had not heard from the salesperson that sold me the car since I bought it.  I then started thinking that this wasn’t unusual and this has happened with every single car that I have ever bought.  I did however just […]

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The Real Reason You Didn’t Get That Job

You just finished a long series of grueling interviews and ended up not getting the job.  We’ve all been there – it is just part of the job search process.  Oftentimes, you will simply be told that you didn’t get the job but you aren’t provided with much of a reason why, other than the […]

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No Thank You Note Can Cost you a Job

We recently had a great candidate lose a job offer from a client because they didn’t send a thank you note immediately after their interview.  Our client is a 150 person pre-ipo start up and they felt that since the candidate didn’t send a thank you note within 4 hours of their final interview, they […]

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Wrong Interview Questions Are The Kiss Of Death

I just interviewed a recent graduate for a junior recruiter position with our firm.  At the end of the interview, I asked if she had any questions for me or my business partner.  She told us that we answered all her questions during the interview and didn’t have any further questions.  Unfortunately,  for this candidate, […]

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