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Important to Build A Long Lasting Relationship With Your Recruiter

I bought a car about a year ago and realized the other day that I had not heard from the salesperson that sold me the car since I bought it.  I then started thinking that this wasn’t unusual and this has happened with every single car that I have ever bought.  I did however just […]

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Three Most Important Keys To A Successful Reference Check

In my experience,  I don’t think that enough time is spent on conducting proper reference checks.  Most companies continue to walk through the motions and “check off the box” that they conducted a reference call with former managers or co-workers. Here are three keys to conducting a successful reference check that will help lead to […]

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No Thank You Note Can Cost you a Job

We recently had a great candidate lose a job offer from a client because they didn’t send a thank you note immediately after their interview.  Our client is a 150 person pre-ipo start up and they felt that since the candidate didn’t send a thank you note within 4 hours of their final interview, they […]

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