Important to Build A Long Lasting Relationship With Your Recruiter

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I bought a car about a year ago and realized the other day that I had not heard from the salesperson that sold me the car since I bought it.  I then started thinking that this wasn’t unusual and this has happened with every single car that I have ever bought.  I did however just hear back from a sales person at a store where I bought some clothes two weeks ago.  They wanted to make sure that I was able to get my pants hemmed and asked how the other items I bought were working out for me.  Not only did this lead to me going back to buy a pair of shoes, it left me wondering why my car salesman wouldn’t think it worthwhile to touch base at least annually to stay top of mind.

SONY DSCAs a staffing firm, we work with many candidates with a wide variety of skills and there are many similarities to the typical car salesman.  We tend to only hear from most candidates when they have a need.  That need is typically that they want a new job.  Outside of that, it is rare to have them reach out.  When working with thousands of candidates, this can lead to an “out of sight, out of mind” situation.  Some candidates, however, take the time to check in periodically to keep us updated on what they are doing and to establish a relationship that is more likely to bear fruit when they reach a point that they are looking for a new challenge.  Several tips on how to accomplish this:

  • Select a few recruiters to build a relationship.  One is not enough and 10 will be time consuming.  Not every recruiter will have access to the opportunities you are interested in so it is wise to establish a few strong relationships.
  • Reach out enough but not too much.  Don’t be the candidate that sends mass emails to every recruiting firm in town, each Friday, sharing specifics on the trips they have taken and that they are available for work and looking for a Software Developer position.  This comes across as desperate.  When you do reach out, instead of simply sharing that you are looking for work, you could do your research on companies or openings that you see and inquire as to whether your recruiter has a contact with that account.  If there is a specific opening that you are qualified for, write a brief ( bullet points are good) email as to why you are a fit. ( recruiters like this ) 
  •  If you are currently working and happy in your job, it doesn’t hurt to maintain a relationship with several recruiters so that when you are in the market again, you will have a resource to turn to.  Just a quick update quarterly to a few recruiters will accomplish this.  Additionally, if you have an updated resume, pass that along as well.  Most recruiting firms have sophisticated applicant tracking systems that they use to search applicant resumes and you may get passed over for dream job if your skill set isn’t updated.

Keeping in touch goes both ways and at KCM Solutions, we pride ourselves on retaining relationships even once the recruiting process is done and our candidate is working for our client.  To us, they are the best ambassadors for KCM Solutions.


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