Here Are The Best Ways To Find A New Job

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When someone finds out that I own a recruiting firm, one common question I get is  “ What is the best way to find a new job?”  Even though, our firm, KCM Solutions, specializes in Technology positions, the basics are applicable across all skill sets.  These suggestions resonate if you have recently lost your job or are actively looking to upgrade from the one you currently have.

stock-footage-searching-for-new-jobNetwork – I have found that most people love to help others.  Tap your network as everyone knows somebody.  Even if they are in finance and you are looking for a technology job, they may know someone in IT or they may have a relationship in human resources or other places.  An introduction from them will carry a lot of weight and will help you get into the company.  They may also have friends that you are not aware of.  Your goal is to talk to as many people as you can and a great way to do this is to start with those that you know and know you best.

Linkedin – In today’s market, I think Linkedin is the most effective tool out there.  The world has changed and instead of having to actively reach out and contact potential opportunities, an effective, updated Linkedin profile will bring opportunities to you.  If you are actively looking for new employment, you can reach out and connect with specific decision makers in your industry.  It is important that you have a profile that highlights your accomplishments.  While you don’t want to post an entire resume for your profile, it is important that you take the time to create a well written, enticing profile, devoid of typos and grammatical errors. ( this may be the first impression someone has of you and even if you end up interviewing with them and they have your resume, they will all search for you on Linkedin before you come in to interview so remember this when you are deciding whether to post that picture of you from poolside in Vegas)

Headhunter – Conducting a job search while working is very difficult.  Most likely, the demands on your current role, take time and effort away from looking for that new opportunity.  Utilizing a headhunter will help offload some of this work.  While you should never rely 100% on utilizing a headhunter, a good one will be able to expose you to more opportunities than you can on your own.  More importantly, they may have specific relationships that can help get you in front of a hiring manager.  My suggestion would be to work with headhunters that specialize in your industry and it doesn’t hurt to work with several, as they will each have their own network on contacts. (Don’t worry; we won’t think you are cheating on us)

Networking Events – It is always a good idea to attend as many networking events as you can.  These events will provide you with a great opportunity to spend face-to-face time with others that can possible help you.  A great networking group is your school alumni.  Most of us share an important bond with those that attended our same school.  Find out if you have a local chapter in your area and start attending their events.   Worst case, you end up spending time with others that you have a lot in common with. (Outside of playing quarters)

Check job boards — Many companies and recruiters use them to find the right candidate. Define the top job boards for your skill set and put your resume there. Choose a catchy, succinct headline that encourages the reader to open the attachment. Many show when your resume was last updated. To avoid getting shifted deeper into the pile of applicants, update it weekly.  You can also use an aggregator site like that take postings from a variety of other sites and compiles them in one location.

There is no magic formula for finding a new job but hopeful some of these ideas will be helpful.

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