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Fatal Distraction:  7 Fatal IT Mistakes That Will Get You Fired

It’s hard to get a good job in IT these days, but it’s all too easy to lose one.

There are lots of reasons for instant termination. Failure to fulfill your obligation to protect your employer’ digital assets or abusing your vast powers for your own nefarious ends are two sure ways to end up on the unemployment line. Read More

16 IT Skills in High Demand 

That resolution to update your tech toolbox may seem like a distant memory, but now more than ever you need to work to increase your professional value.

One way to increase your brand to employers is to learn new skills, but choosing the ones that offer the most bang for the buck is challenging. To help you better understand the market, spoke with David Foote, CEO at Foote Partners and other industry professionals to identify what IT skills are experiencing the most growth and what those skills are worth. Read More

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