Employer Insights

Enhancing the Recruiting Partnership

KCM Solutions looks at every placement as a foundation for building an enduring client relationship. We never submit a resume without first consulting with a client to ensure a clear understanding both of job requirements and client preferences. Whether for contract, direct placement or contract-to-hire, every candidate is pre-qualified on both skills and cultural fit. The goal of our approach is to present a smaller number of best-qualified candidates. This way, hiring managers can make more efficient and effective use of their time.

We are persistent in ensuring client needs are fulfilled, with no slippage in expectations. We adapt our style to your needs in terms of timeliness, efficiency, scheduling and follow-up.

The KCM Solutions Client Experience

As a KCM Solutions client, you can expect your KCM Solutions representative to personally introduce you to every candidate. Our focus is on relationships, not resumes. We maintain strong ties, long after the IT career placement is made. From application development and network/system infrastructure to database and telecommunications, we do not abandon the relationship with you or your KCM Solutions consultant. We check in frequently. When you have questions, we get answers as quickly as we can. We solicit regular feedback on consultant performance. If there is ever an issue, we address it with immediacy. Continuous improvement is a two-way street for KCM Solutions, so we welcome your input on how we can better support your needs.

To enhance your experience with KCM Solutions, we periodically share tips, tools, advice and guidance designed to enhance our partnership and contribute to the productivity of your IT team.

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