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KCM Solutions is the go-to resource for technology professionals who want to work with a jobs expert that still believes in a personal touch. Our goal is to build an enduring relationship with every consultant.

Every placement matters to us. We want our consultants to know they are truly appreciated for the skills, experience and professionalism they offer as ambassadors of our brand.

We are committed to making a difference in the careers of the people we represent. With near zero internal staff turnover, KCM Solutions offers a sense of stability that is rare in the industry. We believe in what we do and it is evidenced by the feedback provided by the career professionals we have placed on assignment.


“Hey Ted.  It’s been a great start, so far.  Thanks again for believing in my credentials and supporting my candidacy for this role.  I am very excited and congrats to you as well.”

–David, Director, Managed Services, Enterprise Software Company

“It was a pleasure to work with the folks at KCM Solutions. I was very happy with the contractor relationship we built. It was important to me as well as KCM Solutions that my experience match the position versus just providing a body to fill a req. The company I was placed at indicated to me that they appreciated this as well. KCM Solutions gets to know you and your experience before introducing you to their client. Their first question was not “What’s your rate?” like so many telemarketer-type agencies ask right off the bat.”

—Michael, QA Manager, Mobile Company

“Matching the skills with the required vacancy is a great asset this organization has. It is not only concerned with helping the client but helping the candidate as well in terms of future growth. They are very accurate in their job descriptions and over-exceeded my expectations in responding to my queries.”

—Mahmoud, Product Manager, Leading Telecommunications Co.

“I am amazed at the personal attention I received working with the staff at KCM Solutions. They found me the perfect position at the perfect time. Their efforts to ensure I am happy and comfortable in the position have really helped with the settling-in process. I can’t imagine working with another agency in the future.

—Jeremy, UI Developer, Leading Telecommunications Co.

“KCM Solutions is very impressive. Their attention to detail and communication make them a leader in their space. I’ve worked with many recruiters over the years, but all have fallen short of KCM Solutions’ ability to get me in front of an employer rapidly and work out an amicable deal for both me and my employer.”

—Mark, Sr. System Administrator, Internet Services Co.

“KCM Solutions has been a positive experience in my career. When they provided the job opportunity, they understood my skill set and personal career goals very well. That was reflected in a successful interview and impressive contribution to the client I worked for. That is because it was a great fit, due to KCM Solutions’ insight. I am thankful to KCM Solutions for placing me in a great work environment with a great team.”

—Aswin, System Administrator, Leading Telecommunications Co.

“KCM Solutions is very dependable and genuine. No hassles and always on-time pay. They do exactly what they say, unlike other agencies that promise a bunch of things and deliver none. They keep in touch with you all the time during the engagement to know if the consultant is happy and if there are any outstanding issues. I am very happy to work with them. I refer friends to KCM Solutions without any second thoughts.

—Vamsi,  Remedy Developer, Leading Telecommunications Co.

“I was very happy with KCM Solutions’ services. They focus on building long-term relationships with both candidates and clients. I received personal attention and felt they genuinely cared about me. Very professional. I highly recommend their services to both job seekers and employers.”

—Clara, Wireless Product Manager, Leading Telecommunications Co.

“I have been working in the US for almost eight years and I must say that KCM Solutions exceeds my expectations. Everyone is extremely professional and helpful. I am very pleased with their quality and expertise. They are attentive to my needs and care about employee well-being in general. They understand career goals which is rarely found in other firms. I am very happy to be part of the KCM Solutions family.”

—Chandra, Release Manager, Leading Retail e-Commerce Co.

“I have worked with KCM Solutions for two and half years. I never have to look or even ask for my pay. Everything is taken care of by KCM Solutions. This enabled me to just focus on my work, which I liked a lot. Thank you, KCM Solutions, for your positive attitude towards consultants who work for you.”

—Venkat, Sr. Software Engineer, Mobile Application Co.

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