Creative Ways To Energize Your Team

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We work with a wide variety of companies that come in all shapes and sizes. In working with all of these clients, it is fun to observe different ways that they go about energizing their employees to improve morale. Here are some of the some small things that we thought sounded interesting.

employee-trifectaArt Budget – One client provides all of its employees a small “art budget” that they can use to decorate their cubes. Everyone is encouraged to do something creative and personalized.

Just Because – Another firm has its employees give themselves a break from their day-to-day tension by throwing a “Just Because Day” on minor “holidays” such as Oktoberfest or the birthday of a famous poet. Snacks, drinks, and room decorations all celebrate the day’s theme, and employees are encouraged to drop by the party-room when it is convenient, to socialize or just relax and take a break.

Free Flowers – Once a year, employees may send up to $50 of flowers to a friend or loved one at the company’s expense. We need to keep in mind how important an employees support system is, in order to allow them to be the best that they can be at work and this is one way of recognizing them.

Other great ideas we have seen: Clients encouraging a certain amount of hours each week to outdoor activity, allotting specific times during the week to work on things other than their main job responsibilities, taking staff to movies during the day as a surprise, bringing in a masseuse, picking a top performer for the week and having them bring in a catered lunch that the company pays for, giving spot days off as a reward, as well as lot of other ideas.

We spend a lot of time working and ideally, we can all figure out a way that helps reduce our stress and provides an environment that is enjoyable as well as productive.

Do you have something in place at your work that you think is unique or motivating? If so, let me know, I’d love to hear about it.

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