Our Approach

Better Talent

Building enduring relationships with clients and candidates is a foundational principle for KCM Solutions. We also apply rigorous candidate screening and a disciplined job order process, supported by a comprehensive quality control program. This approach to recruiting delivers better talent.

KCM Solutions Job Order Process: Position Success Profile

KCM Solutions compiles a proprietary Position Success Profile (PSP™) to identify candidates faster and more accurately. The PSP™ consists of a comprehensive series of questions designed to gather a more in-depth understanding of client requirements in five critical areas:

  • Opportunity Parameters
  • Candidate Type
  • Work Environment
  • Client Facts and Figures
  • Expectations

Spending the time up front to do this yields a significantly higher success rate.

KCM Solutions Candidate Profiler™

Making a successful placement is much more than simply matching a resume with a job requirement. Before presenting candidates to our clients, they complete our 5-point KCM Solutions Candidate Profiler™:

  1. Pre-screen — Every candidate undergoes a rigorous pre-screen to evaluate communication skills, personality, career desires and work history. Additionally, we assess skills, knowledge and behavioral traits and analyze training needs.
  2. Candidate Interview — Our behavioral interview questions allow us to drill down to specifics most important to clients. We learn about career achievements, ambition, employment history and motivation, personality and technical abilities.
  3. Technical Advisory Ambassador Review — Every candidate speaks with a KCM Solutions technical ambassador — a KCM Solutions consultant in a similar role. They assess technical abilities in a unique way and share feedback on how they would do in a similar role.
  4. In-Person Meeting — All candidates are met in person prior to their client interview, so that we can make a personal introduction.
  5. References/Background Checks — KCM Solutions hears directly about past job performance, which tends to weed out candidates whose best performance takes place during the interview. Background checks are conducted before assignment start.

KCM Solutions Real-Time Feedback (RTF™)

From assignment start to finish, we want to know if we meet expectations. Our Real-Time Feedback (RTF™) process helps us gather client input in the most efficient and least intrusive way possible. It provides live feedback so that we can immediately review and remedy any issues.

To further ensure quality and satisfaction, we formally check in with both clients and candidates at regular intervals:

  • 2 days before assignment start
  • Start and end of first day
  • 30 days
  • 90 days

Often meeting face-to-face, these connections provide opportunities to discuss all aspects of a project and its success.

We always put your needs first. Contact us today to learn how.

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